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    Is your site (or your client’s site) ranking too low in Google?

    SEO professionals know that fixingon-site features (title tags, keyword use, etc.) is easy….

    It’s the OFF-site details that take the most work… such as building a link profile, getting authority sites to link to you… and managing anchor text.

    The problem is that trying to “game the system” leaves clues!

    And Google hates (and destroys) businesses who try to manipulate their rankings by getting a bunch of links with optimized anchor text phrases.

    The Secret is in the Ratios: Match These Percentages And Google Will Love you

    Most likely your site’s link profile is either under-optimized (not enough links) or over-optimized (enough links but looksartificial)…

    Either way in the wrong direction can cripple your rankings and give your competitors an unfair advantage over you.

    Do you know these numbers?

    • Google wants only ____% of your links coming from the same Zip Code or IP block
    • Google wants at least ____% of your links no-followed!
    • Google wants ____% of your inbound links going to your Home Page but no more than ____%... or you’re in trouble!
    • Google insists you only have ____% of your links using the same anchor text phrase…

    There are 12 Link Ratios you must have optimized if you want to ever rank #1 for a competitive keyword.

    Now this would be impossible for anyone to do on their own.

    That’s why we at Link Density areconstantly testing with our own websites to see where Google’s current ratios are and alert our tech team the moment they seem to shift…

    We Keep Track of Google’s Changing Preferred Link Ratios and Make Sure Your Site Meets All the Standards to Rank HIGH

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    LinkDensity Tells You Exactly what Google Wantsso Your Link Profile Matches Their Algorithm!

    LinkDensityis the web-based software that gives you the most in depthactionable information on how your site can jump up high in rankings… in some cases, almost overnight!

    • Avoid costly SEO Audits that will tell you the same thing Link Density will.
    • Save money on consulting fees, link building, and staff hours.
    • If you have SEO clients… cut your research time by up to 85%

    SEO Consultants are allowed to use Link Density for Unlimited Websites on a single account! (Yes, this means you can use LinkDensity as the go-to research tool for all your clients without buying additional licenses)

    Link Density goes far beyond the common stats everyone knows and avoids the tiny details that just waste your time and don’t get you ranked.

    Instead we focus on what Google REALLY cares about…

    Imagine if you knew everything Google wanted from your website and your clients’ websites…

    It’s not gaming the system… it’s giving Google what they want.

    100% White-Hat and Ethical
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    This is How You Rank #1 Using LinkDensity

    • Run Your Website through LinkDensity
    • See Where Your ‘Optimum’ Level is in Each Link Category
    • Add or Remove Links to get to Google’s Optimum and Watch your Search Rankings Skyrocket

    Here is Just SOME of the Rank-Boosting Info You Get with LinkDensity:

    • Full lists of domains, pages, and anchor phrases linking to your website… including Page Rank and Authority Level of those sites….
    • How many of your links come from IP blocks too close together… (one of the biggest things to watch out for in the New Google Era)
    • Recently Deleted or ‘Not Found’ links (Too many of thesecould mean your site is in for a slap..).
    • How many websites are linking to your Home Pagevs.Deep Pages(The right range is not what you think…)
    • What domains are referring traffic to you… and how high authority they are…
    • Your Anchor Text Profile... (After Penguin, too many similar anchor text links can ruin your chances of getting to Page 1.)
    • Link Velocity – Do you (or your competitors) have a lot of links created at once? Did your competitor do something special to rank 3 months ago that you should try yourself??
    • Spammy Link Test – How many links are hurting your rankings?
    • Page Rank– Still important when used with the rest of your stats
    • Our nearly-patented Trust Flow Rank – How trusted are the sites linking to you?
    • Link Types – How many links do you needfrom blogs… articles… ads… and forums?
    • And much… much more!
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    See Your Results in:

    Google is not getting any easier and the only businesses that keep their competitive edge will be the ones who stay on top of the trends and are as efficient as possible in meeting their search ranking requirements.

    Don’t let $47 get in between you and your top possible rank in Google.

    Contact our Customer Support at any time for help using the service and interpreting your results.

    We look forward to getting your business better rankings, more customers, and higher profits.

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